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Some brilliant examples of civic participation

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I bet you are still curious as to how my mom built all the projects I told you about. First came the idea, this outlandish, bizarre and extraordinary idea. Of course the thought is as important as the idea. The thought to help your community in some way or the other. But her idea for the replica of the monuments was so unique that they all became tourist attractions which even attracted more business that generated employment and boosted the local economy. It frankly gave Aurangabad a new identity. No longer was it just the city of gates or the city that was name after Auragazeb. It was now the place where you could make everyone think you went to Paris or Egypt by simply taking a picture. Speaking of pictures my mom's work was even published in Femina, which just so happens to be the first and largest women's lifestyle magazine. That might have been a bit off-topic, but what I mean is that all she wanted to do was make my sisters and my bustop area stink less, the only motive was to make something beautiful out of something ugly which is truly commendable. Like just the other day she made a small dirty pond next to our house into a fountain. Right now because of my mom my only motive aside from getting good grades is making an open, free space for all things related to Civic Engagement. Aside from the replicas she built in Aurangabad my mom has also built theme parks in Hyderabad for the government. Might I add that apart from her can do attitude and creativity my mom had absolutely no qualifications. Yet the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation was willing to assign her as the representative of Telangana for the Republic Day parade held at the Rastrapathi Bhavan in Delhi. After doing a dozen small and big projects from them. One of the small initiatives that she herself created was turning old newspapers into recyclable paper bags. She brought together around 40 young children to make recyclable bags for almost half the community! Since my mom also teaches French to our colony children she already had about 15 odd children to work with. But after that she was so determined to make at least 1000 paper bags that she advertised her initiative on the community Whatsapp group and out of nowhere there were 20 more children in our house! Even I took part in the project and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, we saw a tutorial a couple times and voila! All of us could make a paper bag in under 1 minute. I have honestly leant a multitude of things from her, hard work, never giving up, anything is possible, creativity, determination and the list keeps going. But the most important thing I learnt from her while she was doing all these projects was always do what you love. Never let anything stop you from doing what you love. Follow your passion. Inspire people. Help your community by doing what you are best at. And make the most out of every opportunity. You see the Eiffel Tower. You see the currency park? Opportunities like these don't just come by.

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